Dem Schachtner Beats Jarchow to Take Senate Seat

She is far less experienced than Mr Jarchow and had a considerably smaller campaign chest.

Schachtner attributed her victory to the positive tone of her campaign amid negative mailers from outside the state. "It wasn't nice. It was mean", she said. Inspiring young people to move to our region for recreation, thriving local business, and broadband capabilities will bring more teachers and other professionals.

Receive our Daily Dispatch and Editors' Picks newsletters. And this win in Wisconsin is more evidence that Democrats are on the path to victory, they say.

A Democratic upset win Tuesday in a western Wisconsin Senate district with a long history of supporting Republicans sent shock waves through state politics and has Democrats hoping the special election is a harbinger of more change to come.

But Democrats banked that anti-Trump backlash could even the playing field.

Schachtner, the St. Croix County medical examiner and a Somerset school board member, had entered the race in northwestern Wisconsin's traditionally conservative 10th Senate District as the clear underdog.

Jarchow, of Balsam Lake, tweeted that he had called Schachtner to congratulate her on the win, in a race that received statewide and even national attention.

"Democrats from rural areas face an existential crisis", says the report. Midwestern voters see "Democrats as fixated on siloed messages to specific groups that don't include them or are too focused on controversial social issues to the exclusion of economic concerns".

In other words, a Democratic overperformance in this election shouldn't come as a shock. Moreover, Wisconsin Republicans may have believed that they could hold this seat despite a strong Democratic performance.

"From collective bargaining reform and Right to Work to welfare reform, everything we have done is at risk if we don't win in November", Walker said Wednesday in a fundraising letter. "That happens to people all the time", Schachtner says.

Ms Schachtner, the new senator-elect, seems to have understood how to be close to voters. No Democrat has held this state senate seat in almost two decades. Now, she's ready to do that for the entire state of Wisconsin.

"The message from tonight is simple", the Democratic Party of Wisconsin added in a tweet.

"This may be just one contest for the state legislature in Wisconsin", he told The Independent, "but it is part of a larger pattern we have observed over the last year". That should worry Republicans going into mid-terms in 2018.

  • Jon Douglas