Louisiana could lose medical marijuana

"W$3 e are concerned with several attempts to apply federal law upon commerce related to cannabis that is conducted entirely within the boundaries of states that have legalized such commerce", the group of 69 lawmakers, led by Reps. Ownership information on the identity of these licensees has been denied to the press by city government officials, citing state Supreme Court case authority.

The marijuana industry in California is projected to reach $7 billion in the coming years, eclipsing the nation's entire legal cannabis market in 2016, which amounted to $6.6 billion.

The Green Mountain State is making history, becoming the first state to legalize marijuana, not through a popular vote, but by legislation.

If the NRA is willing to tacitly concede that it is all right to ban marijuana users from owning and bearing arms, then surely there is good cause to look into ways to restrict gun ownership among people who pose a far greater risk, such as those on no-fly lists or suffering from a severe mental illness that impairs their judgment.

Recreational marijuana has been legal in OR for more than two years now and in August state economists predicted that OR could bring in about $142 million in marijuana tax revenue through mid-2019.

But the memos by Justice Department officials in former President Barack Obama's administration that Sessions revoked didn't seek to repeal federal marijuana laws by administrative action, even with respect to businesses operating in compliance with state laws. Or does Sessions' decision to remove federal protections for marijuana have teeth to it?

Durham's stance is similar to that of his counterpart in MA, where voters have approved not merely medical but recreational use of pot.

Under a current appropriations rider, the Department of Justice is barred from spending money to interfere with state medical cannabis laws or people following them. If so, the status of federal law will play a part in the discussion.

As for Republicans, they're discovering that states' rights gives them a way to abandon the GOP's traditional (and increasingly untenable) position on pot with a modicum of dignity.

When California pioneered medical marijuana decades ago, a system fell into place allowing any so-called patient to sit in front of a doctor (sometimes, of dubious credibility) for a couple minutes to get a medical rec for any reason, from PMS to AIDS. Advertising seen as targeting minors will be prohibited.

"Despite the contradictions between federal and state law, the marijuana industry continues to grow rapidly", the letter from the state attorneys general said. The state will issue licenses to cultivators and retail outlets.

Joining Massachusetts politicians in speaking out against Sessions are the Massachusetts State Police and many local police departments, including the Boston Police Department.

The report, the White House said, supports the need to end two key immigration programs: the 28-year-old "green card" lottery system open to immigration hopefuls from around the world, and so-called chain migration, which allows the extended families of immigrants to also come to the Untied States.

The Tribune Editorial Board agrees with the governor and the delegation.

  • Jon Douglas