Tide Pod Maker Begs Teens: Please Stop Eating Detergent

In a a statement, YouTube said its community guidelines prohibit content that encourages unsafe activities that have a risk of causing physical harm.

'We work quickly to remove flagged videos that violate our policies'.

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Teens have reportedly been participating in the so-called "Tide Pod Challenge", which includes recording themselves biting into washing machine capsules and then uploading the videos online to go viral. Because, the Internet, and likes, apparently.

Kids are eating Tide Pods.

Poison control centres in the US received more than 50,000 calls about liquid laundry packet exposures over the last five years, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAAPC).

Dr. Suzanne Doyon with the Connecticut Poison Control said ingesting the pods can be harmful to your eyes, stomach, throat and even lungs.

At the start of the clip, the man squeezes out the soap from a tide pod and tries to vape.

While most people wouldn't consume something created to wash clothes, the trend has been attributed to a high number of poisonings in the United States this year.

They've gotten in on the craze (and poked fun at the absurdity of eating laundry detergent) by offering cheese rolls with all the Tide flare and none of the poisonous chemicals.

SiliconBeat asked YouTube parent Google how many videos the company has taken down so far, but the company has not responded. "Whatever the circumstances are, whatever the age of the person, it's not meant as a joke and it's not a risk worth taking", she said.

Still, Tide has repeatedly discouraged the challenge, even producing a public service announcement with New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski. To date, at least 10 deaths - two toddlers and eight elderly people with dementia - have been attributed to the ingestion of these pods.

The association's executive director, Stephen Kaminski said that ingesting laundry detergent "poses a real threat to the health of individuals" and blamed the recent spate of incidents on the Laundry Pod Challenge.

'There is a reason why laundry manufacturers advise that pods are kept out of reach of children and that is because they can cause serious harm if misused, ' Weir said.

  • Essie Rivera