US government shuts down as partisan blame game heats up

The short-term spending bill was passed by the House on Thursday.

It's not clear what they discussed, but their conversation likely centered around a GOP-backed bill that would fund the government temporarily.

Barring an eleventh hour deal, there will be a shutdown on Friday.

During a stopover in Shannon Airport in Ireland ahead of a three-country tour of the Middle East, US Vice President Mike Pence met with US troops in transit to overseas assignments and said they had brought up the shutdown.

The shutdown formally began today, the first anniversary of President Donald Trump's inauguration. Earlier there were signs that a breakthrough might be reached. But it yielded no deal.

Democrats had tried to get concessions from Republicans, particularly on the extension of the immigration programme protecting young immigrants from deportation, which is set to expire in March.

"There is no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than president Trump".

The result of the government shutdown is that many government employees will now go without pay until this is resolved, with some being sent home from their posts, and other "essential" employees still expected to work. "This is the behaviour of obstructionist losers, not legislators", the statement added.

"They put politics above our national security, military families, vulnerable children, and our country's ability to serve all Americans", spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.

Democrats say deals on DACA and CHIP shouldn't be tied to the continuing resolution. As of midnight in Washington the vote was still technically ongoing but enough senators had voted against the plan to prevent government open. US President Donald Trump will also be able to travel for diplomatic purposes and federal IT security services would remain open. "He backed off on the first sign of pressure", he said.

Trump's administration immediately sought to blame Democrats. Trump also once tweeted that the government needed a shutdown to "fix mess". Their own government shutdown.

As the deadline approached, Senate Republicans forced a vote to try to keep the government open until February 16, knowing that they didn't have support to get the deal through, using it as a way to place blame on Democrats.

The last time that a government shutdown happened was in 2013.

  • Essie Rivera