White House on 'Shithole' Comment: President Trump Isn't a 'Scripted Robot'

Jeff Flake's anti-Trump speech Wednesday, and her response put Flake to shame.

Sanders was speaking with reporters during the daily White House press briefing when she was asked to comment on Senator Jeff Flake's freakish address on the Senate floor, where he claimed the President was giving comfort to "dictators" around the world.

"This is paired with a statement from Senator John McCain, saying that the president should stop attacking the press".

Sanders was also asked if the president "was prepared for the investigation to last into the months to come". "He went to Cuba a few weeks ago and served as a mouthpiece for the oppressive Cuban government", Sanders said Wednesday during the White House press briefing. "Jeff Flake is not criticizing the president because he's against oppression", Sanders said, in reference to Flake's comparison of Trump to Stalin.

Frank Lockwood
Frank Lockwood

Flake faced a hard path to reelection thanks in no small part to his repeated critiques of the president, and in announcing he would retire at the end of his term criticized Trump for perverting the Republican Party. "I think we've been dealing with this hoax for a better part of a year". But when she's not trying to assuage the press' concerns about nuclear war or racist comments, Sanders is just a regular degular mother of three trying to figure out what we all need to know: how the hell to work Alexa.

The communist regime in Cuba has denied launching the attacks, putting Flake squarely in defense of the regime's lies as he criticizes President Trump for oppressing American media. I'm standing right here taking questions. "To act as if we are anything but open to that back and forth exchange is utterly ridiculous".

Flake, who has chosen not to seek re-election, has been a longtime Trump critic.

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