Answers to your questions about the government shutdown

Republicans and Democrats were ultimately unable to set aside their differences, and a partial government shutdown has now officially ensued as government funding lapsed at midnight. In 2013, economists and federal departments calculated that the country lost billions of dollars between decreased travel spending, lowered economic output, and retroactive pay to furloughed employees. So not everyone gets sent home, but at the height of the 2013 shutdown, 850,000 of the federal government's more than 2 million civil employees were furloughed.

Bill Clinton oversaw two government shutdowns within the space of weeks in 1995. Well, Senators and Representatives will continue to get paid if there is a government shutdown. So rare is the phenomenon that it never occurred in the modern U.S. when the Congress and White House was controlled by the same party.

There have been 19 gaps in funding so far including this latest one, but not all resulted in government shutdowns with federal workers being furloughed. The last time there was a government shutdown it was such a p-r disaster for the National Park Service that the Trump administration is trying to head off pictures of veterans being turned away from war memorials and locked national cemeteries.

Although the Pentagon has not announced what its plan is, the Defense Department published a 14-page document on Friday outlining that only active duty service members, contractors and some specially designated Defense civilians will continue working in the event of a shutdown.

Most national parks, national monuments and private concessions serving them will remain open.

Washington state Department of Services for the Blind: The department that serves about 940 people would cease operations for the duration of the shutdown. Much of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park will still be accessible, due to the fact that the park's main road isn't gated; however, there will be no services available.

The CFTC would face the most direct impact, having to furlough 95 percent of its employees immediately.

"It's very surreal", he said.

The Department of Homeland Security, which includes the secret service and border control, will keep 90% of its employees in work.

Passport processing is funded in part by fees and with money appropriated by Congress, and will continue operating during a government shutdown. Visitors will still be able to visit the National Zoo, as well as Smithsonian museums, over the weekend. If it happens again, the delay could bring Congress dangerously close to clouding Trump's State of the Union.

The National Institutes of Science is now rushing to save experiments that could be ruined because no one would be there to work on them.

A Nebraska National Guard spokesman said Guard leaders are in a "wait and see" mode.

What's open and closed during a shutdown?

Front line government workers, like the police, health inspectors, postal workers, and generally anyone wearing a uniform, continue to work, but potentially without pay.

It's the non-essential things that will shut down and it could have a huge impact.

After almost 18 years of relative peace in Congress, the USA government was shut down for a brief period spanning from October 1, 2013, to October 16, 2013.

Dan Poppe, president of the Archer (Nebraska) Cooperative Credit Union, said that was a "nuisance" for those farmers at the time and that his credit union offered customers short-term loans.

But what does a government shutdown really mean for you and your everyday life?

The shutdown also has little effect on the wide array of government operations.

He said he'd like to tell Congress: "Stop playing games based on what your political party is and just take care of the business that needs to be taken care of".

That significant cut to staffing could have an impact as the tax season kicks into high gear, potentially delaying refunds to tax payers or making it more hard for them to reach the IRS with questions about their returns.

  • Jon Douglas