Nutella Discount Leads to Chaos

The store slashed the price of Nutella by 70%, bringing it down from €4.50 ($5.59) to €1.40 ($1.74).

When a supermarket chain in France made a decision to give their customers a treat by seriously reducing the price of 33-ounce Nutella jars, they had no idea the chaos that they were about to cause.

The report added that all of the stock of Nutella items was grabbed in 15 minutes, with one shopper getting a black eye from trying to get his own spread.

"Seriously? All this for Nutella?" another customer wrote on Twitter, along with a video of the frenzy inside a store.

"Fistfights" broke out in the aisles in several stores, Le Parisien reports, dubbing the phenomenon "Nutella madness".

The Local reported that police were called in Ostricourt in northern France, where a fight had broken out. A chocolate and hazelnut spread mostly acts as morning bread spread to nearly half of the world's population.

Born in 1964, Nutella has proven to be a beloved nutty spread worldwide.

In multiple stores, the situation reportedly got so out of hand that the police had to be called in! "Another had a bloody hand", one customer told the newspaper Le Progres.

The BBC said 805 million pounds of Nutella are eaten every year globally.

"We are aware of a number of reported incidents that have occurred as a result of a promotion on Nutella in a French retailer", a Ferrero spokesperson told International Business Times.

Ferrero issued an official statement on their site on January 25 washing their hands of blame: "The Ferrero company wishes to remind you that the sale was decided unilaterally by Intermarché". Founder Pietro Ferrero hit upon the idea of using hazelnut-abundant in his native Piedmont region-in order to save on expensive chocolate when making confectionary.

  • Jon Douglas