Donald Trump's latest comment on feminism leaves Twitterati 'gasping for breath'

Donald Trump has sensationally apologised for re-tweeting Islamophobic tweets from far-right political organisation Britain First, claiming he didn't know who the group was.

After Trump shared the vids, posted online by Britain First's deputy leader Jayda Fransen, British politicians criticized 45 for "normalizing hatred" and informed him that this content should be "condemned not amplified".

Speaking to British broadcaster ITV, Trump said he "knew nothing" about the group and didn't want to be involved with them.

"The real me is someone who loves Britain, loves the United Kingdom, I love Scotland; very special people and a very special place", he said.

Trump sparked outrage in Britain in November with the retweet and drew a public rebuke from Prime Minister Theresa May, to which he replied angrily, souring trans-Atlantic ties.

US President Donald Trump has warned the European Union to expect repercussions for its "very unfair" treatment of the US on trade.

Numerous publications ran with President Trump's "I wouldn't say I'm a feminist" comment in their headlines. And I think you know that very well because you know me because you've spent a long period of time with me.

DT: "Here's what's fair: if you're telling me these are terrible people, awful racist people, I would certainly apologise if you'd like me to do that".

"She's been doing a very good job".

The full interview is to be broadcast on Sunday. I mean, if they don't, I could very nicely stay home.

The presenter is familiar to audiences in the United States. London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has sparred with the US president on Twitter, said after Trump's retweets that Britain should not welcome a visit from the president.

Donald Trump and Piers Morgan acted like old friends in their highly-anticipated sit-down interview, during which Trump pledged once again to fight "radical Islamic terror". And for women, to "go out" and "really do it" and "win" is a lot harder when you have a wage gap and systemic sexual harassment to deal with.

"No, I wouldn't say I'm a feminist", he said.

"You know, I won many categories of women and the women vote in the election, and people were shocked to see it", he added.

Morgan later asked Trump if he identified as a feminist.

"We're on the same wavelength, I think, in every respect".

  • Angelo Rivera