DMX Violates His Probation And Goes Back To Jail!

Are you surprised DMX is in trouble with the law once again or did you expect it?

Prosecutors at the court in NY asked that Simmons be jailed. The rapper was taken into custody in a Manhattan court Tuesday morning for failing drug tests.

The rapper tested positive last week for cocaine, opiates, and Oxycodone.

DMX was placed on probation after he pleaded guilty to tax evasion last November, after he was accused of not paying over $1.7 million in taxes over five years. He was reportedly still supposed to be finishing the program when this incident occurred.

Prosecutors reportedly showed a TMZ video published on January 23, to the court, in which DMX ranted about God at a Chili's bar. Something definitely seemed off as he preached in a St. Louis airport bar.

Apparently, he was not only drinking, which is not allowed while on probation but also buying alcohol for other patrons at the spot. "We'll have to deal with it accordingly". Richman added that he will attempt to get the rapper back into a rehab program.

Judge Jed Raykoff called DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, a genuine flight risk, and ordered he be imprisoned until his sentencing in March.

"He in effect said, 'Judge, trust me.' That was a great, big lie, a repeated lie, as it turns out", Rakoff said.

  • Jacqueline Ellis