Spain: Authorities Recover Four Tons of Stolen Oranges

Officers in Seville reportedly became suspicious of the cars and pulled them over after a short case.

Police in Seville, Spain, came across the freaky scene when they pulled over two cars after a short chase. The suspects told the police they had found the fruit by the roadside and that it was all for their personal consumption.

A married couple, with the assistance of their three adult sons, had their cars filled to the brim with oranges.

The drivers claimed they'd just found the oranges on the ground, but police later learned they'd been stolen from a ship a few hours earlier. Police were not convinced by their story and added that the suspects did not have the paperwork required to transport the four tons of oranges. The people in the vehicles were arrested on suspicion of theft, police said.

According to media reports, five people had stolen the fruits from a warehouse in Carmona. With so much fruit in the backseat, it would have been incredible had they gotten away with their suspected crime! Smuggling of mass quanitities of fruits and vegetables is relatively common, although the use of ordinary vehicles is a less common sight for law enforcement in Spain.

  • Jacqueline Ellis