Microsoft ditches passwords for Windows 10 S in test run

Microsoft is saying that it's a very new tool, and it doesn't look like it may take a lot of extra testing to get it working properly.

Microsoft is expected to begin rolling out the first "Redstone 5" test builds some time relatively soon, starting with those in the "Skip Ahead" ring. This is similar to other tools from AMD and Nvidia, but now it's built into Windows 10 and lets you choose between UWP apps and regular apps.

The Windows team touts another round of improvements to the Game Bar.

PWA capabilities will not be limited in scope compared to the Universal Windows Platform Apps found in the store today, and will have access to the full suite of WinRT APIs.

Microsoft's developers have also worked on bringing HDR video support to a wider array of machines. It's a move that improves security and makes devices easier to manage in school settings, asserted the company in the operating system's May 2017 debut. Make sure it uses the discrete GPU.

In addition to giving Windows 10 S users a password-less experience, the latest version of Insider Preview also enables HDR video playback in more computers. Our best guess is that the password-less mode will be available when the rumored "S Mode" is activated.

At last year's Build conference, Microsoft introduced a bunch of new features like Fall Creators Update, Windows 10 Timeline, Cloud-aware clipboard, OneDrive selective sync and offline folders, Windows Pick up where you left off, apart from a bunch of announcements for the developers.

The new build contains tons of other small features and bug fixes.

Options in Build 17093 include mobile authentication, where a one-use code is generated by an app, and FIDO keys, such as those made my Yubico which allow a USB device to act as authentication. You can also now print web pages without ads and unnecessary clutter from the web.

Talking about security, Windows Defender is now Windows Security in Settings, and the window has been remodeled. The notes don't provide a rollout day for Redstone 4, but its Bug Bash initiative ends on February 11.

  • Latoya Cobb