Instagram is warning users when someone screenshots their 'story'

Instagram is testing a new feature that lets story creators view the people who have taken a screenshot of their content.

If you're anxious about people grabbing screenshots of your stories, visit the Stories main page-where you can see a list of public posts-and look for the pinwheel-shaped camera shutter icon next to the name of an account.

The only sticking point to stop the feature getting a wider rollout may be if Instagram notices the feature has an impact on user engagement.

Instagram is now testing a feature that will inform users when followers screenshot Instagram stories in a controversial move towards copying one of Snapchat's biggest features. Users are presented with a new camera shutter icon with a counter under each of their Instagram Stories. Snapchat has alerted users to viewers snapping screenshots since its inception, and it's a fairly good deterrent against people who would use the service to "creep" on otherwise unsuspecting users.

Similar to Snapchat snaps, Instagram stories have always had a shelf life ― if you miss them, you're out of luck.

However, some savvy users have figured out a way to get around the pesky screenshot feature. But while you can probably convince yourself this is some kind of noble act, like Max Brod believing that Franz Kafka's work should be shared with the world, it's usually on the creepier end of the spectrum.

When a device is on airplane mode, it disable any WiFi or Bluetooth signals from being transmitted. So it comes as no surprise that Instagram is once again borrowing another one of Snapchat's features.

Both Mac and Windows computers have screenshot functions. Another workaround is for users to download Stories directly from the web version of Instagram.

Earlier, Instagram gave notification when someone took screenshot of private direct message.

Since the feature is now on testing phase, only users that are part of the test are able to have a sneak peek of it.

Ever screenshot someone's Instagram story to send to a friend?

  • Latoya Cobb