Super Mario Odyssey Update Adds Mini Game, Snapshot Filters, And Outfits

It's been a pretty crummy week if you pay any attention to news or social media, even by recent normal standards.

Although it's worth noting that as of right now, Nintendo have still not confirmed or denied this rumour, regardless how blatent it is.

The upcoming update boasts a new mini mini-game mode called Balloon World which players will unlocks after completing the main story.

The big addition Mario fans will be happy to see is Luigi, who was also absent from the main game.

You can read the text from the post below.

The promised free update for Super Mario Odyssey has started rolling out which means you can start playing the new Luigi's Balloon World mini-game straight away.

Nintendo said the game will be available in each of Odyssey's in-game kingdoms and is activated by finding Luigi in each of these worlds - a quick conversation with him launches the balloon-based fun.

In Balloon World, you can choose to either hide balloons around the kingdom for other players to locate, or find secret balloons rivals have placed. Creative use of captures is key to success! You get points in both of these modes and depending on how good you happen to be, you can move up the world rankings.

These are some much-needed updates to the game, and the extra free content is a boon as well. Aside from the fact that it's an fantastic game, you might need some special incentive to do so. There are also two new Snapshot Mode filters: Coin and Neon.

It looks as though the Super Mario Odyssey Balloon World update is coming to Switch this week.

  • Latoya Cobb