Iran Is Building Another Syrian Base to Target Israel

On Wednesday, Fox News reported that satellite images taken by ImageSat International's Earth Remove Observation Satellite showed evidence of a new Iranian military facility at Jabal ash Sharqi, eight miles northwest of the Syrian capital.

The channel claimed the two hangars, which measure around30 yards by 20 yards, are being used to store short and medium-range missiles. Israeli forces dispatched a battery of planes to attack the Tadmor air base in Syria, where the drone was dispatched from, and several other targets in Syria.

The images emerged just weeks after Israel's United Nations ambassador warned that Iran is trying to turn Syria into "the largest military base in the world".

According to the Syrian outlet, the facility itself is a "training camp of the regime's Special Forces" and the buildings in question are not a missile warehouse, mosque, or dining hall but rather a garage for army vehicles. According to the Fox report, the images show several tall silos, which could be used to store missiles.

Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman disputed the accuracy of Fox News report.

The revelations come after General Joseph L. Votel, head of U.S. Central Command, warned Iran has "enhanced" its support of Syria. Tel Aviv had launched the biggest air raid operation in over three decades after intercepting an Iranian drone in Israeli airspace.

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming meeting with Donald Trump next week would normally be the main topic.

Satellite photos of a purported Iranian base outside of Damascus.

General Votel added however the United States would not be directly countering Iran as it is "not one of the coalition's missions in Syria". If Hezbollah launched a missile war with Israel from Lebanon, and Iranian forces and proxies simultaneously did the same thing from Syria, and Hamas did the same thing from Gaza, this would cause maximum stress, suffering and mass dislocation in Israel.

Graham said that he thought provisions in the agreement phasing out an arrangement in which Israel could spend US funds on its own defence industry and the provision of just 500 million dollars in missile defence funding were "short-sighted". Moreover, Israel can negotiate with the US and Russian Federation to expand the buffer zone in southwest Syria where Iranian-backed forces aren't allowed to operate.

  • Jon Douglas