All-new 2018 Toyota Auris is bolder, offers two hybrid powertrains

The brand has confirmed that it's phasing out diesel passenger vehicles in Europe over the course of 2018, starting with cars like the Auris, according engadget's report.

The Japanese manufacturer's model making all the headlines at this year's Geneva Motor Show will undoubtedly be the sports vehicle marking the revival of the Supra moniker, but we feel the 2019 Auris deserves just as much attention.

The Japanese company is the world's third largest vehicle manufacturer but it has always struggled to match that impact in Europe.

Meanwhile, as awareness grows about diesel engines spewing out nitrogen oxide and harmful particulates, diesel sales in Europe are plummeting.

On the eve of this week's Geneva Motor Show, Europe's first major vehicle show of the year, Toyota said it will stop selling diesel cars in Europe, beginning the phase-out this year.

Toyota's C-HR model was launched in late 2016 without a diesel, but with a popular hybrid accounting for 78 per of sales.

Toyota's hybrid model sales in Europe jumped 45 percent past year.

In February, Porsche announced that it would axe all diesel engine options from its range of cars with immediate effect, claiming there had been a "cultural shift" among customers.

With the decision, the Japanese manufacturer reacted to the diesel affair of the German automaker Volkswagen in 2015.

The current Auris powertrain line-up consists of five conventional engines and one hybrid powertrain.

Following up on yesterday's leak, the 2019 Toyota Corolla has now made its official debut at the Geneva motor show in Switzerland. It will slowly phase out the diesel models from its lineup over the course of this year.

'The new generation Auris - to be produced in Burnaston next year - will come with three powertrains, including two petrol-electric hybrids.

Like the C-HR, the new generation Auris will be offered only with petrol and HEV powertrains. About 41 percent of cars sold through its European branch were hybrid models, while diesel represented "less than" 10 percent.

The company will keep diesel commercial vehicles like the Hilux truck, Land Cruiser SUV and Proace van to "meet customer needs", but that's as far as it goes.

  • Jon Douglas