Ubisoft aims to manage 'toxicity' in Rainbow Six Siege chat

Ranked play in Rainbow Six: Siege is a particular hot bed of toxic activity as players seek to climb the ladders and prove themselves among the world.

Ubisoft announced over the weekend that it would begin to issue bans against players using "racial and homophobic slurs, or hate speech" inTom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. She loves games with strong narratives, impossibly large cups of coffee, and The Walking Dead. With it, there will be a slightly updated report system that will reflect these upcoming changes.

After months of anticipation, Rainbow Six Siege's Outbreak event is now live to kickstart Year 3 with explosive new content. The game's current Chinese New Year event also includes items only available for a limited time, meaning players could miss out on getting hold of them.

Hate speech and abusing has been a traditional part of online and multiplayer gaming which has made life hard for millions of players. Also, this is for PC only, with consoles held to Microsoft and Sony's own code of conduct and player reporting system.

Those reports will, however, often "lead to a faster resolution", and Ubisoft said it will be "helpful" if players send in any evidence of toxic behaviour that they've seen in the past. And if you do get a ban, Ubisoft won't beat around the bush - it'll tell you that the ban was due to "toxicity". In the past, Ubisoft took a more discreet approach to toxicity.

The company says that this is a "first step" toward controlling toxic behavior in Siege, and there's more upgrades and actions coming in the future for the game.

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An ESPN reporter who reported on the use of gay slurs by Dallas Fuel player Timo "Taimou" Kettunen has received backlash, due to his past use of similar slurs.

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