Jennifer Garner Reveals Thoughts Behind Viral Meme From Oscars

Jennifer Garner has poked fun at herself by adding hilarious voiceovers to memes of her looking confused at the Oscars on Sunday (04Mar18). During a shot of Garner in the Oscars audience applauding, she appeared to come to a realization. We're talking, of course, about that face that Jennifer Garner made.

Clearly tickled by the response to the moment, Garner herself got in on the action providing her own interpretation of what was going through her head.

'Congrats to Shape of Water!

People said Garner's meme could replace the Alonzo Mourning meme, which shows the former National Basketball Association player also coming to a sudden realization. While referring to the Best Picture victor, she said, "Congrats to "Shape of Water"!".

Lastly, our personal favourite: "Can't wait to work with Lena Dunham! Wait, where is my wallet?" she said.

Jennifer Garner is now single after splitting with husband Ben Affleck in April 2017, after 12 years of marriage. "Wait, where is my wallet?" she then joked, referring to her Capital One Venture card commercials. "If you can find a workout that makes you smile, DO IT!" she said in her caption, gushing about how much she loves the BBS workout. And I'm pretty sure what Jennifer Garner saw was a the trail of spirits Tilda Swinton consumes in exchange for her unholy acting talent.

Suggestions of what realisation dawned on the actress in that moment included that she'd left her curling iron on, or that her ex-husband Ben Affleck wasn't the best Batman actor.

The star has taken to Instagram to give her take on the episode and to try to offer an explanation of what she was thinking.

  • Jacqueline Ellis