Meghan Markle carries out first royal engagement with British Queen Elizabeth

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton stepped out in contrasting colours for the American bride-to-be's first official engagement with the Queen on Monday.

Markle attended the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey, which celebrates the Queen's commitment to her commonwealth, with her fiance, Prince Harry, according to CNN.

They were greeted by thousands of people outside the central London Abbey after the service, including hundreds of school children invited by the family and the Prime Minister. Commonwealth Day recognizes the member states formerly under British rule, including Canada, Australia, Gibraltar, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Jamaica.

"She was saying what a lovely service it had been and her first service at Westminster Abbey", said Holly Hartley, the principal of Thistley Hough Academy in Stoke on Trent.

Of course, the event isn't just for Markle and the Queen. With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union the importance of the Commonwealth may increase according to some commentators.

Donning a cream coat, white hat and navy high heels, the actress broke protocol by attending the event prior to her nuptials. However, this situation was not happy with the Royal family that can't allow Megan to the altar took her mother.

Markle also donned a brown beret to the Christmas Day Church service with the royal family in December.

Elizabeth has been head of the Commonwealth since 1952 and aides say she regards the success of the organization, which now has 53 members representing over 2.4 billion people, as one of her greatest achievements as queen.

The surgeon, founder of social enterprise Peek Vision which works to bring better vision and health to everyone, told the congregation: "Advances in technology, treatment and public health mean that for most poor vision and blindness no longer needs to be a life sentence".

She has made more than 200 trips to Commonwealth countries during her 66-year reign, visiting every country except Cameroon and Rwanda.

  • Jacqueline Ellis