Boy, 9, kills older sister over video game console by shooting her

It was originally reported the girl was 13 years old, but Coroner Alan Gurley says she is 14 since she was born in September 2003. The young girl was taken to the hospital where she was treated for gunshot wounds.

Authorities say they don't yet know how the firearm used in the shooting had been accessed.

"He wanted the controller, and I guess he knew where to find the gun", Sheriff Cecil Cantrell told CNN. "I don't know if he knew exactly what this would do". So far, it's unclear how the boy managed to obtain the gun. Sadly, it seems they have no solution that can curb gun violence.

Authorities said Sunday that the boy had a fight with his sister after she refused to give him the video game controller. I can't answer that.

The mother of the children was in another room of the house and was feeding the other children of the family when the incident occurred. "I do know it's a tragedy", the local police said when asked if the boy knew what he was doing.

According to Cantrell he has never dealt with such a case previously and doesn't know what kind of consequences the boy will face.

The girl was later identified as Dijonae White. "That's why I'm not too fast to say anything because there are juveniles involved".

White was a student at Tupelo Middle School, the station reported. The victim was rushed to the hospital, where she was treated for gunshot wounds.

  • Delores Daniels