Cleveland Browns: Buffalo Bills have called about No. 1 pick

The Broncos may draft a quarterback but it could be in round two or three. But that's an approach that could backfire if the Browns favor one of the three.

Sam Darnold has been tied to the first overall pick and the Cleveland Browns, which would obviously keep NY from landing the Southern California quarterback. They hold not only the top pick of the draft, but the fourth pick as well. They already have stated he will wait and learn behind Tyrod Taylor. Out of those three, the Jets have one in mind they really want. Dancing around this potential and this need would be a mistake. Both the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs traded up for quarterbacks in the first round last year, but were forced to give up their first-round picks in this year's draft in the process.

The Giants are in a position of power with the No. 2 overall pick. Staying put at No. 12 and settling for a non-top-tier quarterback prospect is a failure.

Clearly not in the market for a quarterback with franchise signal caller Andrew Luck returning from injury, Indianapolis was in prime position to move down from the No. 3 spot. Improvements to a team that went 4-12 last season will have to come from somewhere and Ballard wants it to come from the draft.

The objective is to draft a quarterback; that was the driving force behind their trade with the Colts.

The Jets have no fewer than three quarterbacks graded at the top of their board. How do they rank them?

Let's say the Jets have their sights on Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, or Josh Rosen.

Both teams got exactly what they needed from this deal.

"In my conversations with John Dorsey (Browns' GM), they were super-excited for what he's going to bring". This time, it didn't involve quarterbacks or star players switching allegiances. Any would be an outstanding pick. Receiving a kings ransom will be the only way they depart with their top three selection and move back into the depths of the draft. Nothing wrong with that, either. Still, many can make the argument that NY would be better off building a sustainable team for the future by bringing along young players. The Eagles chose Carson Wentz with that pick. So that leaves the Broncos, who were a gamble due to their signing of Case Keenum this offseason.

The other option for the Giants would be to trade back with one of multiple teams coveting a franchise quarterback in this draft. What will the Giants do with the second overall pick and Eli Manning?

Then, on the day free agency opened, the Bills signed quarterback AJ McCarron away from Cincinnati and defensive end Trent Murphy formerly of the Redskins.

The New York Jets aren't the only team that has looked into moving up in the 2018 NFL Draft, they are just the only ones that have pulled the trigger on a deal up to this point. This is good news for the New York Giants. Finding a way to gain the most value from their pick will be the top priority.

In draft trade-ups, it's usually informative to see which team, or teams, the ascending team leapfrogged.

The move to No. 3 now all but confirms the Jets will be taking a quarterback in the 2018 draft.

  • Angelo Rivera