PM Modi expresses grief over killing of 39 Indians in Iraq

Of the deceased, 27 people were from Punjab, six were from Bihar, four from Himachal Pradesh and two from West Bengal. We have to talk to the state governments also. She said she would not commit the sin of declaring them dead.

The 39 victims were taken hostage in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, where they had been working in 2014.

Pritpal Sharma of Dhuri in Sangrur, Punjab, who was killed in Iraq.

"If the government didn't have any details, why did they keep telling everyone they are alive?"

When the area was excavated, Indian officials found many identification marks such as non-Iraqi shoes and Sikh religious bangles.

We stand in solidarity with families of the 39 Indians killed in Iraq, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday. He used to talk to me every Friday. Government kept saying that they are all safe. "I can not praise him enough".

A hapless and dejected Puroshottam Tiwari too seethed at the government's actions.

Another Swaran Singh, whose kin was among the 39 abducted and killed by the Islamic State in Mosul echoed similar sentiments. "I don't know what to believe now". Now they say their bodies have been found.

When asked whether he felt there was any possibility of the Indians being alive, Singh said "life is full of hope". She made the upsetting announcement due to a session of Lok Sabha on Tuesday. Manjinder Singh, who was into farming, was pushed into Iraq by fraudulent travel agents, she claimed. "I have heard the news but I demand that my brother's body be brought here", she said, crying inconsolably. But once the news regarding his missing came, even his wife left us along with the child.

In a tweet, Mr Kovind said, he is extremely sad to learn of the tragic end of Indian citizens in Iraq. "I refused to close the files (of the 39 Indians) till we had concrete proof in hand (about their death)", she said.

"Let the government take back all the pension amount it has given us, but return our men to us", said Parvinder. The identity of one person is still being verified, she said. But after he didn't succeed, Jatinder went for this job in Iraq. He was a resident of village Talwandi Jhira in Gurdaspur district. Sushma Swaraj also dismissed claims of Harjeet Massi, one of them who escaped from Mosul. While speaking in Rajya Sabha, the minister said the mortal remains will be brought back to India by Union Minister of State for External Affairs V.K. Singh.

  • Jon Douglas