Daniel Bryan medically cleared to return to the WWE ring

Later in the evening, Bryan came out again to fire Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, who beat up Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon a week prior.

It is great to hear Bryan will get back in the ring, but it is important he remain careful. The WWE's medical director Dr. Joseph Maroon has cleared Bryan to return as well.

Then, of course, they attacked him. After announcing that the two men he needed to address - Owens and Zayn - weren't at the building yet, Bryan went on to discuss his return to the squared circle. Both Bryan and his wife, Brie Bella, have spoken extensively over the past two years about Bryan's desire to return to the ring. It's nice to see Tye getting some TV time but the WWE really need to figure out what to do with him and fast. He had announced his retirement in February 2016. Could that lead to Daniel Bryan teaming up with Shane-O-Mac on the grandest stage of them all?

That's why the wrestling world fell in love with Bryan.

SmackDown Live got a huge boost in viewership this week after Daniel Bryan was cleared for competition. While a beat down like this would in most cases be a simple way to develop a feud, with Bryan's extended absence it took on an extra significance - if Bryan can take a Powerbomb into the mat like that, he's ready to take all sorts of bumps in the ring. My husband [UFC heavyweight Travis Browne] is awesome, and he really brought me out of some tough times. Two years into that job, though, he was able to step back into the ring with happy news. "To have her support and not just her support but to have her actively encourage me", Bryan said. Nakamura got the roll-up victory and was then assaulted by Rusev and English after the bell. If it was just like, 'Oh, you walk into WWE and you're a good wrestler, here's a shot'.

WWE made the announcement at exactly 3PM ET on Tuesday, which would mean that Bryan was cleared around 2PM ET. Well, the second End of Days, actually.

Tonight, Charlotte Flair was in a match with Natalya, and there was an incredible super plex. And what plans does Carmella have for the Money In The Bank title shot she has held since June a year ago? The US title picture for the Wrestlemania 34 was confirmed to be a triple threat with Jinder Mahal officially added to the card on expected line. What happens to somebody like Bobby Roode or Jinder Mahal or Dolph Ziggler? Mahal made his way to the ring to rant about what he deserves, but he was eventually interrupted by Roode.

The March 20 edition of WWE SmackDown was a solid show as a whole and did feature some very important moments, including news regarding the biggest news story to hit the WWE in a long time. This match was simply a promotion for the inaugural women's battle royal coming our way in New Orleans.

  • Jacqueline Ellis