Bovada Released Odds For A Trump vs. Biden Boxing Match

President Donald Trump tweeted early Thursday morning that if he and former Vice President Joe Biden were to come to blows, Biden would lose. On Thursday, hosts like Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah fired off a few excellent jokes about the rising tension, which began after Biden said that when he was in high school, he would have "beat [en] the hell" out of a guy like Trump for his crude remarks about women. "I mean, I would rather you be stupid and not very effective", Biden said, according to Bolton. "Don't threaten people Joe!" "If we were in high school, I'd take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him". "We all know you want to fight Donald Trump".

There is nothing better than listening to two cranky old men in their 70s threatening to beat each other up. Biden took his granddaughters out to the AMC movie theater in Georgetown last week (in our hearts and minds, he took the grandbabies to see Black Panther) when upon leaving the theater, he stopped to speak to this gentleman. Would Mr Biden have won the Midwest and bested Trump? "Experts say the fight would go nine rounds with ten bathroom breaks".

"It's insane. Biden and Trump are threatening to beat each other up", Fallon added. "But then my son, my soul, Beau, was diagnosed after he came home from having volunteered to go to Iraq for a year", Biden said.

Of course, Biden is one to talk about respecting women.

Both Trump and Biden have received widespread criticism for their aggressive comments.

He also staged a parody press conference with "Sarah "Knucklebee" Sanders"-i.e., just Kimmel's hand with a face painted on it, topped off with a dark wig". Kimmel suggested that the two men really televise a fight. When asked if Trump's behavior is becoming of a president, Kimmel's knuckle responded, "In a word 'yes, ' it is becoming".

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are feuding publicly and now one sportsbook has set odds on a theoretical boxing match between the two.

  • Jon Douglas