Roseanne Barr Reveals Why a 'Roseanne' Revival Didn't Happen Sooner

We recently chatted with Barr on the red carpet of the Hollywood premiere of the revival for "Roseanne" (watch above), which returns to the alphabet network this week nearly 30 years after the original debuted. That story arc may as well be ripped from real life, because the real Roseanne, too, voted for Trump. This plot point causes great division among her faux family, which is also true for the comedian when the cameras aren't rolling.

Barr was once a personal friend of Hillary and is now a harsh critic of Hillary Clinton, calling her a murderer in a since-deleted tweet.

Barr then attempted to turn the tables on Kimmel, asking the ABC host what he thought of Clinton's foreign policy. "How about Captain Whacko we have over here running the country".

Kimmel expressed shock that Barr, a "socially liberal person", voted for Trump.

Then Barr took Kimmel to task about the alternative to Trump: Vice President Mike Pence.

In the end, they agreed to disagree, we guess.

"And yet we've seen it, over and over again", Kimmel said.

In honor of the series' reboot (premiering tomorrow, March 27, on ABC), find out for yourself...

  • Jacqueline Ellis