Vicki Momberg denied bail

The hashtag Vicky Momberg is now trending on Twitter, with numerous platform's users welcoming the sentencing, which will see Momberg spend two years behind bars.

The New York Post is reporting that 31-year-old Fasshon Shivers received the sentence after pleading guilty to attempted kidnapping and a gun specification. She said Momberg failed to show any remorse for her offensive conduct.

Momberg was also denied bail pending her leave to appeal the sentence.

Momberg went on a racist rant shortly after being a victim of a smash-and-grab in Johannesburg in 2016.

During sentencing proceedings, Momberg's lawyer argued she should receive psychiatric treatment, not punishment.

Baba quoted from a 2014 case, Prinsloo v State, in which the Supreme Court of Appeal stated that the word k****rs was racially abusive and was used in its injurious sense.

"We welcome the sentence as the NPA it up hold the hill of rights".

Rozita Mohamad Ali at the Shah Alam High Court today. Pix by Roslin Mat Tahir
Rozita Mohamad Ali at the Shah Alam High Court today. Pix by Roslin Mat Tahir

"This case is not only restricted to the video footage; the recordings that were played in court were much harsher than the video footage itself".

"People need to watch their tongues before they talk".

He said while media reported on racial-related incidents‚ prosecutors saw many more cases than those that made the headlines.

"It's crucial for us to respect one another.peoold should not be ashamed about bringing forward racial matters", Mjonodwane said.

Radoslaw Czerkawski, 37, formerly of Quincy, was found guilty by a jury on 12 counts of animal cruelty.

In June 2017, the Equality Court awarded damages of R100 000 to Constable Clement Mkhondo after he was verbally assaulted by Momberg.

  • Jon Douglas