Vian Teachers Explain Why Oklahoma Schools Need Funding

For example, certified teachers with 25 years experience could see their pay increase by almost $8,000 to top out at $51,232, according to a budget analysis. "They he sent a survey asking if we were going to be in school Tuesday". Almost 100 school districts said the plan was to remain open during the strike and 48 school districts were prepared to close indefinitely.

About 25 districts in the KTEN viewing area have said they will close their doors to students on April 2 as teachers travel to the State Capitol to lobby for higher wages.

"It took us almost 30 years in this building to raise taxes, and about 72 hours to turn around and cut them again", said Rep. Jason Dunnington, D-Oklahoma City.

In Oklahoma, the tax hikes on cigarettes, fuel, and oil and gas production will be enough for raises averaging about $6,100 annually, as well as funding boosts for schools, support personnel, and state workers.

Question Number 3: Where do Oklahoma teachers rank, nationally? Teachers in NY, the top-ranked state in terms of teacher pay, made $79,152 on average in 2016. We teach poor kids, who come from the projects and face poverty, drugs and gangs, and instead of giving us more resources they blame the teachers for the educational problems, saying we're not motivated enough.

"Our ask is still our ask", OEA wrote on Facebook on Monday.

If the school is closed in Guymon, officials told us buses will continue to run and the cafeteria will remain open. "It's not. The is about funding for our kids because this is why we are here and the most important thing is, we are the community." superintendent Victor Salcedo said.

It was an odd afternoon in the House, with Republicans first needing a two-thirds majority vote to take up the repeal measure, House Bill 1012XX.

Under the Legislature's plan, the starting certified teacher salary will be increased by about $5,000 - from $32,600 to $37,759. This is nearly three weeks ago.

Stillwater High and Lincoln Academy will have breakfast available from 8:30-9 a.m. and lunch from noon-1 p.m. "When I woke up the next morning, it had 21,000 and right now it has 70,000 people".

"[One teacher is] a fifth grade science teacher and she's spent over a thousand dollars out of her own pocket just to be able to do science experiments", said Acevedo. Morejon said he calls teacher union leaders and union leaders call him to work on organizing walkouts and distributing information. "They had so many opportunities to pass a bill".

"Bryant is a Reading Specialist at Alexander Elementary in Commerce, she's also the President of the Classroom Teacher's Association".

School districts are doing everything they can to prepare in advance of a walkout. The school district will stretch days out to account for lack of instruction during the walkout. Lunch will still be provided at the school on those dates.

"There's a group of us, moms who have children in Tahlequah Public Schools system, and once we heard about the possible school suspension in April, we were just wanting to support our schools and our children here", Danielle McGavock, Cherokee Nation citizen and coalition organizer, said.

Oklahoma City Public Schools have already canceled classes Monday in anticipation of the walkout.

"It's always been about our student's needs", she said Friday.

  • Jon Douglas