Video captures girls jumping off balcony to escape fire

Dramatic video from the scene shows flames ripping through the building as the young girls try to escape.

"The flames were spreading so fast", Nehmi said. The fire broke out inside a complex on River Road in Edgewater Monday evening and spread to the studio where the children were rehearsing.

Many passers-by and strangers were seen trying to help but it was quite hard as the ladder wasn't able to reach there. Smoke from the fire could be seen from Manhattan.

New York Daily News reported that the fire is believed to have started on the building's first floor, the home of a vehicle fix workshop, before it spread to consume the entire building.

Business owner Tony Nehmi told he and a police officer helped some of the girls down before the ladders fell during the fire. "I only had a couple of seconds to save them, there was no time". "I didn't know it [was] gonna be that bad". Some of the girls were unable to break the glass on the second floor. "Great job by multiple fire departments". But others could not reach the ladder and started to drop to the ground, desperate to escape.

About 15 girls were treated for minor injuries, Mayor Michel Joseph McPartland said.

The cause of the fire at the building, which also houses a hookah lounge and auto body shop, was under investigation.

According to local Fire Chief, Steve Curry, five people were taken to a hospital for further medical attention.

The cause of the fire is now under investigation.

  • Jon Douglas