Green Apple: Company claims 100 per cent clean energy

It is being speculated that 15 other projects are under construction, the completion of which will generate 1.4 gigawatts of power across 11 countries.

The move is in line with the company's 2015 plan to push toward 100-percent renewable energy, a list that includes all of Apple's data centers as of 2014. To be clear, the search giant is not powering its operations exclusively with 100 percent renewable energy.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about renewable energy during a media event.

NIGERIA'S pioneer used-car buying service has signed a deal with Rensource, a renewable energy firm on power supply through renewable energy sources.

Although not all of its facilities are connected to clean energy directly in some cases, the company is placing renewables back into the grid to offset the fossil fuels that it uses up.

China, the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases, is determined to rebalance its energy mix, and incorporate more clean energy.

This comes one week after Google announced it now purchases more renewable energy than its global energy consumption. Google added wind farms totaling 535 megawatts late a year ago to bring its sustainability stat to 100 percent.

In China, wind and solar projects bring in 485 megawatts of energy across six provinces.

To date, Apple has 25 of its own renewable energy sources operating around the world.

Reaching 100 percent renewables has been a years-long mission.

In Singapore, where land is scarce, Apple adapted and built its renewable energy on 800 rooftops. So in 2012, it hired the Bay Area-based solar contractor SunPower, which built the 20-megawatt farm right across the street from the data center.

Former Vice President Al Gore has already applauded Apple's efforts, thanking them for setting the standard and proving that moving to green energy can actually reduce energy costs and can even boost sales due to an improved perception of the company. This makes Google the first public cloud and company of its size to be powered 100 per cent by renewable energy. They've also prevented around 2.1 million metric tons of Carbon dioxide from getting into the atmosphere. In addition, over 85 suppliers have registered for Apple's Clean Energy Portal, an online platform that Apple developed to help suppliers identify commercially viable renewable energy solutions in regions around the world.

The new Apple Visitor Center is seen in Cupertino, California. So far, 23 of Apple's suppliers have committed to making the switch. So this announcement feels like a classic Apple product release. Pegatron with iPhone factories in Shanghai and Kunshan, China, and Finisar, the USA company that builds parts to power Face ID and Animoji are among the nine pledge makers.

Quadrant, a supplier of magnets and magnetic components in a number of Apple's products.

  • Jon Douglas