North Carolina brewery serves up tarantula burger for Exotic Meat Month

A restaurant in Durham, North Carolina is serving a burger with a giant, hairy tarantula on top of it. But these may not be for everyone.

The Tarantula Challenge is part of the restaurant's annual "Exotic Meat Month" celebration; taking place every April, it offers customers a chance "to experience tastes that other cultures enjoy every day", according to the Bull City Burger website. Surprisingly, the burger has been so popular the restaurant is holding a raffle to select the "winners" of the burger.

Then they must claim theirTarantula Burger (pasture-raised NC beef burger, gruyere cheese, oven-roasted tarantula and spicy chili sauce) with Dirty Fries for $30. Bull City says the tarantula is lightly-salted before being baked.

But there's a catch (in case eating a tarantula wasn't already a struggle): The Tarantula Challenge is by lottery only.

Some people prefer to eat the tarantula first, while some take it all in at once.

Visitors can't simply order the item off the menu.

Bull City Burger and Brewery posts updates about Exotic Meat Month offerings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Anthony Vega