Eight Cameroon athletes have fled the Commonwealth Games

Race walker KT Irfan and triple jumper V Rakesh Babu were ordered to return home from the ongoing event after they failed to explain the presence of needles in their bedroom at the Games Village.

The athletes - two women and six men - were named as boxers Simplice Fotsala, Arsene Fokou, Ndzie Tchoyi, Ulrich Yombo and Christelle Ndiang, plus weightlifters Olivier Matam, David Minkoumba Petit and Arcangeline Sonkbou Fouodji. Both of them were anyway not competing but obviously it is a violation given that all Indian athletes had been educated about the dos and donts.

Head of Cameroon's Commonwealth Games Team, Victor Agbor Nso in a statement explained that despite that the athletes were being closely monitored, three Cameroonian competitors were able to sneak away from the Games village on Sunday night.

After two Indian athletes were expelled and five indigenous protesters arrested, peerless South African Caster Semenya returned the spotlight to competition with a glorious gold at the Commonwealth Games.

India were still very much in the match at that stage, though, and even after Sophie Bray doubled England's advantage in the closing stages of the third quarter the game still looked to be up for grabs heading into the final period.

The officials said Babu had admitted the second needle had been found in his bag but that he had no idea how it got there. This is a big question, how they confirmed this syringe belongs to both. Thodi also denied ownership or knowledge of the needle. "These are global athletes who have very strict training programs and they undertook their training as was expected", Cr Dobie said. "But we appeal on these grounds, why Irfan was given this punishment".

"The needle found was reported by the cleaning person".

Indian team doctor Amol Patil was reprimanded on April 3 after administering vitamin B by injection because he did not follow strict protocol surrounding needles.

Five members of the Cameroon team competing in the Commonwealth Games on Australia's Gold Coast have gone missing.

"When the Commonwealth Games Federation says no tolerance, the Commonwealth Games Federation means no tolerance", federation president Loiuse Martin said.

  • Jon Douglas