DOD Says California Set Limits For National Guard's Role At Border

"California remains the 6th largest economy in the world and the most prosperous state in America", Brown wrote, adding: "#Facts". But Brown promised California residents that the 400 troops will "not be enforcing federal immigration laws", and cast the commitment as aimed at stopping gangs and drug smugglers.

Vitiello said the governor decided California will not accept terms of an initial troop rollout for the state that was similar to plans for the other three border states, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. That sounds to me like fighting crime.

Outside of California, about 650 National Guard troops are working on the border mission in Texas, almost 250 in Arizona and more than 60 in New Mexico.

"There is a Revolution going on in California".

Jerry Brown has pledged 400 troops to the effort by Trump to send up to 4,000 troops to the border.

"We have a requirement in California which we now understand won't be fulfilled by the Guard there", Vitiello said.

"The governor has determined that what we have asked for so far is unsupportable", Vitiello told reporters. "But we will have other iterations".

Brown addressed the issue when he spoke to the National Press Club in D.C. early Tuesday, saying the state and the feds are close to an agreement, which isn't what Trump indicated in his tweets. Jerry Brown is trying to back out of the National Guard at the Border, but the people of the State are not happy. He can not come to terms for the National Guard in its border mission.

"The high crime rate will only get higher", Trump warned in a tweet. "Much wanted Wall in San Diego already started!"

What does bother him, however, is Trump's use of border communities as a political tool, he said. "He's ready to go". The governor was not specific on what kind of work he would allow federal troops to conduct. "But I think we can find common understanding here, there's enough problems at the border and the interface between our countries, California will have plenty to do, and we're willing to do it". Those numbers are increasing regularly, he said.

A handful of states and the Trump administration have filed a lawsuit arguing the laws interfere with or block federal immigration enforcement efforts in order to protect people in the US illegally, and violate the Constitution's supremacy clause, which makes state law subordinate to federal law.

None of the troops will have direct contact with personnel on the border, Hokanson said, and the jobs will not require them to be armed.

During the news conference, which was attended by Border Patrol agents, guardsmen, Nogales Mayor John Doyle and Lt. Raoul Rodriguez of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office, Ducey reiterated a talking point Trump and his supporters have used to justify the deployment: a recent spike in illegal crossings at the border.

But the governor has quibbled over their role and insisted they only focus on cross-border crime rather than detaining unauthorized migrants coming into the state that is home to several "sanctuary cities".

  • Jon Douglas