MI boy trapped underwater for 8 minutes in SC resort pool

The video may be disturbing to watch, but it could hold the answer to the question of how the 12 year old got his foot caught in a drain that held him underwater last month for almost eight minutes.

Surveillance video from the Avista Resort in North Myrtle Beach shows bystanders frantically try to pull the boy up, whose leg was stuck in the pool's filter pipe.

The incident happened back in March at a resort near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Several adults then try and free him.

It said officers were called to a possible drowning and upon arrival, found the boy 'stuck underwater in what is believed to be the intake pump to the lazy river'.

Incredibly he survived the ordeal thanks to a man who performed underwater mouth-to-mouth until emergency services arrived.

A number of adults rush to the scene to attempt to pull the boy out, with one man performing mouth-to-mouth underwater. The 12-year-old is seen diving into the pool to get a closer look at the suction pipe, but then his leg gets stuck.

Once the boy was pulled out, two officers can be seen performing CPR, with one pumping his chest and the other giving him mouth-to-mouth.

The boy was taken to hospital and police revealed that he is alive but did not disclose anything further about his condition. The resort's manager Jim Eggen said he and his friend had removed a grate covering the hole.

  • Anthony Vega