Trump's Fox Comments Are Already Being Used Against Michael Cohen in Court

He said the investigation "doesn't have to do with me" and "they're looking at something having to do with his business".

"If at any point it turns out that the special-master process is going too slowly, I will revisit it", she said.

The word "cloud" is one Comey says Trump used with him in private meetings that Comey kept notes on, although Trump in the interview blasted those memos as full of untruths.

U.S. President Donald Trump distanced himself from his longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen on Thursday, hours before a judge ruled that documents seized from Cohen by the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be reviewed by an independent court-appointed official.

Mr Trump once again decried the "witch hunt" in Washington signified by Mueller's probe. While the rant was nearly certainly cathartic for him, another person who appreciates Trump's candor is Stormy Daniels' lawyer (and certified hottie™), Michael Avenatti. But here's what - I answer this all the time.

Comey a year ago created a series of contemporaneous memos - some classified, some not - to document his interactions with Trump.

"His performance, by the way, was disgusting", Trump said.

Cohen has argued that some of the documents are protected by attorney-client privilege and has been pushing to allow his lawyers to review the material first.

He admitted to staying a night in Moscow.

United States media described the appearance as a "rant" and "meandering" but it won over at least one supporter.

Trump has long said he had no knowledge of the payment and subsequent hush agreement placed on Daniels, but Avenatti appears to believe the president's remarks on Thursday negated his previous statements, calling the comment a "gift from the heavens".

"It tends to reflect consciousness of guilt as we would say in law enforcement", Comey said. Asked on Fox for his reaction to Cohen's plea, Trump said: "He's a good person".

Trump was especially animated about the developments involving his attorney and the ongoing special counsel investigation into Russian interference in 2016 and the saga involving his nominee to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson. I'll tell you what.

Comey has denied the charge. Later, when he complains about the "fake news" being "unfair" to him, remember that he himself just went on Fox, harpooned two of his critical legal arguments, and avoided talking about obstruction of justice only by the grace of friendly interviewers. "He represented me, and you know, from what I see, he did absolutely nothing wrong".

Trump was responding to a question on grading his administration by him. Manafort is charged with allegedly engaging in conspiracy and money laundering.

Trump has not committed to sitting for an interview with Mueller's investigators. "If he fires [Deputy Attorney General Rod] Rosenstein, or reshuffles the department, or fires would put those actions in context, which would be part of an effort to obstruct an investigation".

Gertner, who's emerged as a high-profile critic of Trump among legal scholars, said she was taken aback by comments the president made that "suggest he plans to obstruct justice or is motivated to obstruct justice". A few Republicans have supported it, but most have opposed it, arguing that it is unconstitutional or unnecessary.

  • Jon Douglas