USA considering DMZ for Kim meeting

As if to bolster such a positive assessment of the North Korean leader, Cheong Wa Dae on Sunday disclosed that during a private conversation with Moon, Kim offered to open the shuttering the Punggye-ri nuclear test site to experts and journalists form South Korea and the USA to ensure its transparency. "I think that some people maybe don't like the look of that and some people like it very much".

On Monday, Trump mentioned in a tweet the possibility of meeting Kim at the border between North and South Korea, where Friday's meeting between Kim and Moon was held.

U.S. officials are still arguing for Singapore as a possible location for the talks, telling Trump it presents a more neutral option, the sources said.

He has also said it remains possible that Mr Trump may even travel to the North Korean capital of Pyongyang for the summit. He also acknowledged the poor state of the transportation system in his country, which would have been unimaginable with Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il who had described the North as a socialist paradise.

"There's something that I like about it because you are there, you are actually there", Trump said.

The issue of unification is more complicated for Seoul, which will have to get rid of dependence on the United States. "The only thing we need is peace", according to the South's presidential office. "And if it's not going to be fair and reasonable and good, unlike past administrations, I will leave the table". Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a Trump ally who is sometimes critical of the president, said that if Trump "can lead us to ending the Korean War" while "getting North Korea to give up their nuclear program" in a verifiable way, then he "deserves the Nobel Peace Prize and then some". Analysts aren't even sure where North Korea got the cars from, let alone how they are equipped, as United Nations sanctions prevent the North Korean government from buying them directly from the automaker. We certainly would like to see it.

"[They] particularly stressed on the Panmunjom declaration, to provide nuclear-free status to the Korean Peninsula through its complete denuclearization", the Kremlin said.

Trump's Cadillacs are also protected against noxious gas, which could come in handy in the parking lot of the upcoming USA-North Korea summit if the wind starts blowing the wrong way.

He warned against trust in U.S. President Donald Trump because "Iran's 40-year experience shows that the U.S. can not be trusted" and "does not live up to its worldwide obligations".

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in discussed the Korea summit over the phone, the Kremlin said on Sunday. The announcement also came as the US was embroiled in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Jon Douglas