Boy Scouts to drop 'boy' from name and conservatives are freaking out

The Boy Scouts, which accepts children 11 to 17 years old, will be renamed Scouts BSA, reports The New York Times.

"Cub Scouts is a lot of fun, and now it's available to all kids", said Stephen Medlicott, BSA's national marketing group director, in a statement to the media. "That's why we love "Scout Me In" - because it speaks to girls and boys and tells them, 'This is for you".

"They caved to left-wing social engineers who want to remove the concept of male masculinity from society".

The name change only applies to the program now called Boy Scouts, which is available for teens ages 11-17.

Boy Scouts of America made a major announcement this week that the name of one of their staple programs is changing.

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America assert in a blog post that it "is unmatched in delivering proven outcomes that set girls up to close the gender gap and position our nation to compete in the global economy".

Girl Scouts has previously criticized the decision to start accepting girls into the Boy Scouts program.

The Boy Scouts had suffered from declining numbers for years, but the news that the organization would go coed hit with a certain amount of sadness.

The Girl Scouts say they have about 1.76 million girls and more than 780,000 adult members, down from just over 2 million youth members and about 800,000 adult members in 2014.

Boy Scouts said on Wednesday that it would drop "boy" from its name in a bid to attract more girls to its program.

Written by Eric Levenson and Amanda Watts for CNN.

Both groups, which have been at odds since the Boy Scouts chose to open its doors to girls, have been struggling with declining membership. These changes allow the Blue Mountain Council to reach more youth and more families with the proven benefits of their Scouting programs.

The Boy Scouts a year ago opted to allow transgender boys to join. Liberals tell us that masculinity is "toxic" and that girls can be boys and boys should no longer be boys. The Girl Scouts still feels as if it offers girls the best opportunity. He believes the name change takes away from the organization's original mission.

Girl Scout leaders said they were blindsided by the move, and they are gearing up an aggressive campaign to recruit and retain girls as members.

The Girl Scouts list a series of efforts created to "stay ahead of the pack of youth organizations".

  • Jon Douglas