Tinder boss' surprise at Facebook dating announcement timing

Beyond creating new competition for popular dating apps like Tinder, Hinge and Bumble, Facebook's move will pose a test for them because they have largely come to rely on asking their users to login with Facebook credentials.

For Facebook, a dating service makes sense. "Given the necessity of scale to drive engagement, the challenges to initial engagement, and the head start Match has in user reach, we see it as unlikely that Facebook dating will scale to a meaningful competitive threat".

The Facebook Dating app, armed with its own set of features, including a separate messenger, could amplify the problems that now plague Facebook.

The Facebook company will launch a service for DatingFamous social network Facebook will launch a new feature through which users will be able to find a companion for life.

Over the years, there have been reports of people creating fake profiles on Facebook and later using them to scam those looking for "hookups" and "meaningful relationships". If Facebook can finally crack the dating code, it will have the eternal gratitude of all the singletons in the world. Second, they should also be more aggressive on the defensive front, removing the burden of reporting hate speech from the user and instead placing it on themselves. So, perhaps Facebook's idea of only suggesting dates with people you don't already "know" - I put that in quotes because it's nearly impossible to truly know everyone you're friends with on Facebook - is a good idea.

"One in three marriages in the U.S. start online", CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in his presentation F8 this week.

"But the initial functionality looks relatively basic compared to those offered by Match's services, so the impact Facebook has on the dating space will be down to how well it executes in this area", Cordwell added. With new services ranging from offering a chance at real-life romantic love, to augmented reality features in Messenger, to an affordable virtual-reality simulator, Facebook users are the most excited to see how their data is used next.

The prototype was built around local, in-person events, allowing people to browse other attendees and send them messages.

After all the Facebook capital-D Drama that's been the centre of focus lately (you know: Russian meddling, selling user data, etc.), Mark Zuckerberg and the folks at Facebook really want to ease your minds and get you thinking more positively about the platform.

The major dating sites are actually pretty expensive, hooking you in with pretty good deals up front, but then charging you more for certain features.

"We're building a feature for dating and relationships within the Facebook app", said the company in a recent release.

"I know that it hasn't been easy being a developer these last couple of months, and that's probably an understatement", Zuckerberg told the large crowd of devs gathered in San Jose, California.

The goal of the new dating app is clearly defined.

  • Anthony Vega