Justice Qazi Faez Isa expresses reservations on separation from SC bench

Jardaleza admitted that while he considered Sereno "treasonous" and "inhumane", his low opinion of Sereno was "wholy extraneous and immaterial" to the quo warranto case, specifically on whether Sereno submitted her statement of assets, liabilities and net (SALN) wworth which the evidence clearly showed she did not.

Leonen was one of the six SC associate justices who dissented from eight of his peers as they voted in a landmark but controversial decision to dismiss Sereno in the quo warranto petition filed by Calida, described by legal experts as a case that questions the qualifications like the capability and integrity of an official to hold public office.

Hundreds of protesters denouncing Sereno's ouster rallied outside the court.

Aside from a government petition to declare Sereno ineligible to lead the Supreme Court over her alleged failure to declare her wealth before she became chief justice, she also faced an impeachment complaint in the House of Representatives. "Before exercising its original jurisdiction the Supreme Court must satisfy itself that the jurisdiction it is assuming accords with the Constitution".

Indeed, the national situation is dire, and it behooves every good citizen to ensure that the battle to defend democracy is well-fought on all fronts. Panfilo Lacson, "are the moronic lawyers who were ready to spread their idiocy in an impeachment trial, which will no longer take place because it's unlikely that the House will transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate."Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III said the Senate had no choice but to respect the Supreme Court decision".

The entire focus of the non-elevation of Justice K.M. Joseph to the Supreme Court despite his name having been forwarded by the top court is ostensibly because of his judgment in the Uttarakhand case wherein he quashed the Governor's decision to impose President's rule. He also says Sereno should appeal.

The chief justice said that he was reconstituting the bench and then stood up, he said, after which the bench was reconstituted.

Hontiveros' Akbayan party released a statement declaring that the nation was now a "heartbeat away" from the death of democracy.

He encouraged Sereno's supporters to read his opinion so they "can make their own judgment on whether my acts and words rise to the level of a disqualifying bias or prejudice".

Duterte and Sereno first clashed in 2016 when she criticised his order urging judges whom he linked to the illegal drugs trade to turn themselves in as part of his crackdown.

In October past year, Duterte dared Sereno to open her bank account to public scrutiny, accusing her of corruption and of being used by his political opponents.

  • Jon Douglas