Interview Magazine, founded by Andy Warhol, folds after almost 50 years

The company is owned by the paper magnate and art collector Peter Brant-who was a friend of Warhol, and collects his work-and its other magazines include Art in America and Artnews. In a 2016 Q & Andy, Interview reiterated its support for Mariah Carey-the magazine had called her "the world's biggest diva" in a 2007 cover story.

Reports come thick and fast that the company were locked out of their Soho HQ earlier this year, while it is also rumoured their long-serving former Chief Operations Officer filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Interview for wrongful termination, with former editorial director Fabien Baron following suit for unpaid invoices.

Founded by Warhol, Village Voice co-founder John Wilcock, and poet/photographer Gerard Malanga in 1969, the fame-focused monthly was best known for its intimate celebrity-on-celebrity interviews accompanied by original portrait photography.

Interview Editor Ezra Marcus told CNNMoney that staffers were informed that the magazine is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in a meeting on Monday.

Staffers announced the news on Twitter that Interview Magazine would cease its print and web publications.

Baron resigned from Interview in April after almost 10 years at the glossy publication. He has denied the allegations and reportedly resigned over money that Interview owed him.

The publication's longtime creative director Karl Templer resigned from Interview in April. Former sales representative and eventually associate publisher Jane Katz a year ago sued the magazine for unpaid wages of more than $230,000, along with claims that she was unjustly fired. This is the fourth in a series of lawsuits Brant is facing: Former associate publisher Jane Katz also claims Interview fired her unjustly and owes her unpaid wages of $230,000.

Brant Publications is owned by billionaire Peter Brant, who is a well-known art lover and Warhol fan.

People took to Twitter to mourn the end of an era.

The wonderful interviews I got to do as a contributing editor for #interviewRussia and Interview Germany... The early years had a decidedly queer aesthetic, with divas like Diana Ross, Cher, and Madonna on multiple issues, as well as cult favorites like Shelley Duvall, Liza Minnelli, Annie Lennox, and Grace Jones getting their due.

  • Delores Daniels