‘Hey Siri’ is purely optional in watchOS 5

That watch, along with Apple's array of other watches, will be compatible with WatchOS 5.

So Apple is also adding bells and whistles that have nothing to do with working out, an effort to prove to the skeptics that the Apple Watch isn't just a fitness tracker.

The updates, which also integrate changes made to the Siri voice assistant, are all aimed at making the watch smarter in its prediction of what you want it do for you.

Apple Watch: Apple's wearable device will likely be getting an update come September, with a larger, edge-to-edge screen. The Siri face has also received the ability to show actionable content from third-party apps, such as Nike+ Run Club, Glow Baby, and Mobike.

Apple has unveiled a host of new features coming to the Apple Watch at WWDC 2018. The Podcasts app is being added to the Watch, as well, and third-party apps will be able to play background audio. WatchOS 5 can handle many of those natively, thanks to Web Kit integration.

The new version of the operating system, which introduces features like Walkie Talkie and Competitions within the Activity app, will only be available on Apple Watch Series 1 (the revamped version of the original) and up. It's now possible to start a fitness competition with other Apple Watch owners, and workout detection automatically determines when various activities start.

Apple previously warned developers that an upcoming version of watchOS would end compatibility with the first generation of watchOS apps, requiring that apps get updated with at least the three-year-old watchOS 2 SDK.

And the Apple Watch is becoming useful for students, with the addition of Student ID cards that college kids can tap to gain access to buildings and more on campus. A new feature for developers allows music, audiobooks and meditation sessions from apps such as Pandora, Audible and 10% Happier to be synced to Apple Watch for playback offline without the user's iPhone nearby. Also, Apple Watch users can also download the dedicated Pride watch face starting today.

"It's a fun, easy way to talk with friends and family", Apple VP of Technology Kevin Lynch said at WWDC.

  • Latoya Cobb