Warner Bros accidentally leaks Hitman 2

As seen in the tweet below, Hitman fans should expect IO Interactive and Warner Bros. If there is a new Hitman game in the works, WB Games will be the distributor.

Io Interactive is expected to announce the next Hitman game on June 7, but a leak on the game's official website has revealed the logo of Hitman 2 ahead of its reveal. This wouldn't have been put there by accident and it seems way too coincidental for it to be referring to a new vehicle game, but wait, there's more.

The new logo, which was quickly spotted by Eurogamer before being pulled, removes nearly all doubt: we're about to see Hitman 2 (here's the logo's original URL if you're curious, or if you enjoy 404 errors). If this doesn't scream a new game then I don't know what will.

The official announcement is due at 6pm on Thursday, and the game will presumably be at E3 next week. 2016 saw a reboot of the franchise with HITMAN: Season 1, an episodic release that garnered critical and consumer acclaim.

In November 2017, developers IO Interactive committed themselves to a new Agent 47 game, stating that "franchise firsts" and that more information would be revealed "at some point" this year.

  • Latoya Cobb