Apple Introduces A New ‘App Store Connect’ App For Developers

'We're very excited about the new communications features we're bringing to iPhone and iPad with Memoji, a more personal form of Animoji, fun camera effects and Group FaceTime, ' said Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering.

Following this, Tim Cook, Chief Executive at Apple, previously described Facebook's practices as being an "invasion of privacy" because of Facebook "keeping watch over people in ways the might not be aware of", according to the BBC.

"As with all Apple software updates, enhanced privacy and security remain a top priority in iOS 12", Apple said in a statement. And when you use "do not disturb" during bed time, your iPhone shows a mostly black screen until you tap the screen in the morning to dive in.

The US technology firm says that its next version of iOS will actually make phones faster despite being packed with new features. But Apple said that the macOS will hide most of this information from websites.

Apple uses WWDC to reveal what software it has been working on and the updates it will be releasing during the coming months and years. On March, the company grappled with the privacy scandal that was the Cambridge Analytica story which led to an "inappropriate" collection of data of upto 87 million people.

Earlier this year, Apple added a new privacy panel to its operating systems, explaining in plain language why, how and what data is collected from Apple devices and by specific applications.

Apple's "Intelligent Tracking Prevention" in Safari's web browser will help block social media "like" or "share" buttons, as well as comment widgets from tracking users without permission. On iOS 12, Apple introduced Screen Time which allows you to understand how much time you use on certain apps.

The real meat and bones of Apple's phone addiction features is what they're calling ScreenTime, which comes with a whole host of features, including "Reports".

Apple and Facebook have of course clashed previously.

For Apple users anxious about how much time they and their children spend posting photos and videos to their devices, help is on the way.

"The things mentioned in the Times article about relationship status, all these kinds of things, is so foreign to us, and not data that we have ever received at all or requested - zero", Cook told NPR.

  • Latoya Cobb