Ethiopian pastor reportedly killed by crocodile as he attempted to baptize worshippers

A recent shortage of fish in Ethiopia's Lake Abaya has led to more aggressive behaviour from its resident crocodiles.

Pastor Docho died after being bitten on his legs, back and hands.

A crocodile jumped out of a lake and killed a pastor in the middle of a group baptism at a lake in Ethiopia, the BBC reported Tuesday (June 5).

Local resident Ketema Kairo told the BBC's Amharic-language service that the Sunday afternoon ceremony had just begun when the incident occurred.

"They only managed to get his dead body", added Kanko, an officer from Arba Minch, 300 miles south of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

It's a testament to his faithfulness to Jesus that he was willing to obey Jesus' command to baptize new believers, even knowing that Lake Abaya is filled with crocodiles.

According to the Telegraph, lake and riverside baptisms are common in many African countries, the risks notwithstanding.

Locals and others tried to capture the croc with fishing nets but it escaped.

Crocodile attacks are common in Africa, the paper reported, with numerous victims being women washing clothes. The couple went ahead with the wedding as scheduled.

  • Jon Douglas