No evidence of any foul play in Bourdain's death

Anthony Bourdain's suicide is the second in less than a week by a renowned public figure after fashion designer Kate Spade killed herself by hanging. Bourdain, 61, was found dead in a hotel room's bathroom in France on Friday.

In October 2016, when Bourdain sat down with Marketplace, the publication asked him what the hardest part of his job was.

"A father, a chef, a correspondent, a poet, a renegade, an worldwide TV icon", CNN's Brian Stelter described late colleague Anthony Bourdain on Reliable Sources, who shocked the world by taking his own life on Friday. "We just kind of agreed right there that we're doing this with Tony". Gresham Fernandes, culinary director, Impresario Group, has a copy of nearly all of them but is "particularly drawn to his initial works, which made me realise that I'm not the only one who wants to do insane stuff with food".

"I don't know about "charmed".

Whether he was reviewing food, sticking up for those who weren't able to do so themselves or even addressing the times he'd considered suicide, Bourdain's unique voice never wavered. She said the two hosts had "really bonded" over talking about their daughters.

"Every time he would walk on set I would always shout at him, 'In my next life I'm coming back as Anthony Bourdain!'" she said.

"I was surprised and sad when I heard about [Bourdain]", Nguyen Thi Nga told AFP news agency in Hanoi.

"Like for many chefs around the globe, Bourdain was a big influence for me while I was starting out. And he had a lot of empathy for that".

"There were times when he would just take Krishna and bounce her on his knee".

"Thank you for what you gave to this world, a deeper understanding of culture and food", one note said. He stepped up for the underdog. The passion with which Anthony Bourdain did his work, the world is going to sorely miss him.

Speaking out on Twitter last night, the 53-year-old said he hoped his friend had found "peace" while describing his as "exceptional".

"I came here to share the grief of the loss of such a talented chef. he was a such a special person because he had such a great passion for Vietnamese food", Nguyen Quan, a customer, told AFP. "He had an uncanny ability to see the humanity in everyone, whether he could identify with them or not".

On Friday morning, Bourdain didn't show up for breakfast.

Bourdain's mother told the Times that Ripert said "Tony had been in a dark mood these couple of days", but she had no idea why he would have made a decision to kill himself.

  • Jacqueline Ellis