SC incumbents challenged in primary

Because there were four candidates on the Democratic side to split the vote, however, only the two Republicans made it to the general election.

Trump endorsed Sanford's challenger, state Rep. Katie Arrington, who has described the incumbent as insufficiently loyal to the president.

Trump, who issued his tweet as he returned from his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, said Sanford "is better off in Argentina".

"He is MIA and nothing but trouble", Trump tweeted. Kaine is unopposed in his own party.

Not long. The districts are up for election again in November, so both the winners and the losers will have to stay in election mode.

Do you support passing a state law requiring the governor of SC to accept all federal revenues offered to support Medicaid and Medicaid expansion efforts in the state? And 45 are on Tuesday's ballots.

Through Tuesday, unaffiliated voters who only want to receive one party's ballot may update their registration and declare a "party preference". U.S. Rep. Tom Rice faces a Republican challenger along with Sanford.

To be clear, not every surviving candidate is a carbon copy of Bernie Sanders, the 2016 presidential candidate whose insurgent campaign emboldened the left with his calls for universal health insurance, a $15-hour minimum wage and tuition-free college. He has more than 30 years experience as a pollster and political consultant. After she announced her intentions to challenge Comstock a year ago, Wexton joined a chorus of Democrats criticizing the congresswoman for refusing to hold in-person town halls. McMaster was one of the few established Republicans in the state to back Trump in 2016, and became governor when Trump named Nikki Haley as United Nations ambassador.

Stewart surprised many by almost winning last year's Republican nomination for governor. Stewart had accused the party of inadequately defending the candidate after the release of a tape where Trump bragged about groping women. Stewart is a far-right provocateur who almost claimed the nomination for governor past year and has attracted controversy for his defense of Confederate statues. Stewart called efforts to remove the monuments "an attempt to destroy traditional America".

"If Donna was not in the race, that would be jet fuel for Cary's campaign", said Ian Silverii, executive director of the liberal ProgressNow Colorado.

The sole female House representative in the state, Barbara Comstock (R), also won the Republican primary in the 10th district, meaning she'll face off against Wexton.

Democrat Jennifer Lewis is the victor in the 6th, to take on Republican Ben Cline (96% of precincts reporting). Wexton was the only elected official and the favorite after receiving the endorsement of Gov. Ralph Northam.

In District One, which includes Carolina County, Democrats Edwin Santana, John Suddarth and Vangie Williams are running for the nomination to face Republican incumbent Rob Wittman.

Democrats narrowly avoided getting shut out of four congressional races in majority Democratic districts, which would have led to a twisted form of anti-majoritarianism.

DEMOCRATS PLAY FOR THE HOUSE: While Virginia has been trending blue at the statewide level for the past decade, Republicans have managed to have a firm grip on the commonwealth's House seats. "There's rumors of even more Republicans following suit". The voting method is also facing a "people's veto" referendum on the ballot, meaning voters could choose to start the process to get rid of it.

The system insured that counting was slow and winners hard to call.

Businessman Shawn Moody led the Republicans' four-way race for governor.

In that race, no clear majority victor was emerging. Democrats in Nevada and ME are picking candidates they need to turn the tide on GOP-controlled Washington. What they don't have is competitive Senate primaries.

There was also the return of Sharron Angle, the conservative who once ominously threatened to "take out" then-Sen.

Democrat Caleb Frostman beat GOP state Rep. Andre Jacque in the 1st Senate District on Tuesday. Republican candidates had been eliminated in the top-two primary. Fellow board member Chris Giunchigliani ran as a progressive, knocking Sisolak for his positive rating from the National Rifle Association in light of the mass shooting in Las Vegas in October.

In the GOP governor's primary, Trump reiterated his "full endorsement" of McMaster on Twitter over the weekend, praising the longtime Republican figure in the state for being "with me from the beginning".

In North Dakota, GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer will face moderate Democratic Sen.

Of the states reviewed, only Minnesota has enough Clinton-won Republican districts to flip a legislative chamber if they all went for Democrats in November.

  • Jon Douglas