Steam Chat is Valve's new Discord-like chat platform

If you are already enrolled in the beta releases, you may have to restart your client to get the new chat features.

For PC gamers there are plenty of avenues to purchase titles digitally, yet the dominant platform most will use is Valve's Steam.

Improvements include a simplified "favorites" list that will pin certain friends to the top, an expanded detail set for what each friend is playing and where they are in the game (for instance, sitting on the main menu or facing off in deathmatch), as well as organisational changes, such as grouping friends by the game they're now playing or the party they're in.

China is now the world's biggest video games market, valued at more than $25 billion in 2016, according to a report from IHS Markit. You can now add favourite friends, groups, and chats to the top of the chat window for easy access. You can also see what exactly a friend is doing in the game, whether sitting at the main menu or now in a match. While in that mode, you can see your friends (and enemies) and chat just like normal, without so many people chatting at you that you spill your tea into your lap. The modernized chat experience is now multimedia friendly, which allows users to send video, pictures, tweets, and GIFs, in addition to links. Your IP address is private in the new system to prevent attacks and privacy issues.

Discord has become the de facto chat tool for gamers.

The new Steam Chat was released today and is available now via the Steam Beta option you which you can find in Settings and then Account.

Now you: Do you use chat applications for games or other activities?

  • Latoya Cobb