Trump nominee to be South Korea ambassador backs 'pause' in military exercises

In one particularly bad sound byte, the president said that Kim is a "strong head" and admired the way that the - I repeat - dictator commands "his people".

President Donald Trump said Friday that he wants "my people" to sit up at attention for him like North Koreans do for their brutal dictator, Kim Jong Un. "You know it's amusing when you see the fake news, and you guys aren't fake but, I signed an agreement where we get everything, everything, but they say Trump lost because he agreed to meet", Trump said.

The president later told reporters in an impromptu news conference on the White House lawn he had given Kim a phone number to allow him to reach Trump directly.

"And I mean he's the strong head".

President Donald Trump's nominee to be ambassador to South Korea on Thursday backed the idea of a "pause" in major military exercises between USA and South Korean forces, while talks on North Korea's nuclear program continue.

When asked by Doocy why he was heaping praise upon Kim despite his country's atrocious human rights record, Trump replied, "I don't want to see a nuclear weapon destroy you and your family".

Mr Trump's surprise promise to call off military exercises, describing them as expensive and "provocative", delighted North Korea and China but caught key United States allies off-guard.

Trump, who would not be meeting Kim until Tuesday, told aides that he wanted to move the date up to Monday. I guess they're using that as another sound bite.

"I met a general". On the agenda were North Korea's illicit nuclear weapons program and a potential deal to denuclearize the country. "I want my people to do the same", he added.

"President Obama lost Crimea, just so you understand".

Later, Trump unexpectedly made his way through a crowd of White House reporters and was asked about everything from Russian Federation to North Korea and China.

"We signed a very good document", he said.

"It's a common courtesy when a military official from another government salutes, that you return that", said Sarah Sanders, White House press secretary, at a briefing. We are afraid to sing, say, wear, or think what we want.

The military talks had been initially slated for May, but were postponed after the North called off another planned high-level meeting in protest against US-South Korean air combat exercises. But given Mr. Kim's declaration that the [the two leaders] had a "historic meeting and made a decision to leave the past behind" and that "the world will see a major change", things will perhaps be different this time around!

  • Jon Douglas