Protests and facility visits in Texas amid immigration confusion

Protesters against the Trump administration's border policies try to block a bus carrying migrant children out of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Detention Center on June 23, 2018 in McAllen, Texas.

When Trump arrived at Joint Base Andrews Thursday morning to travel to Texas, wearing the "I-really-don't-care" jacket with its message emblazoned in white paint, it was first noticed by the Daily Mail.

But then Melania Trump wore it back home too.

The first lady spent approximately 75 minutes at the shelter, according to pool reports.

The lawsuit Ms Mejia filed said her son was "screaming and crying" when border agents took him from her. Hollywood Life reported that Melania was sending a message directly to her husband with the jacket, and now he's furious about it.

It didn't work. And the outrage continued to grow, with first lady Melania Trump joining in with a rare policy intervention with an appeal for both sides to work towards a resolution.

In other border visit news: Stormy Daniels says she's planning a trip of her own.

Meghan continued to point out that while she frequently disagrees with the other ladies of The View on big issues, at least they all care about what happens in this country.

Post her visit to Texas immigration centre, Melania tweeted, "Today's visit to #Texas to spend time with children & thank the many hardworking individuals helping to care for them was very meaningful".

"The jacket Melania Trump wore to visit caged immigrant children", one user tweeted. Donald Trump is facing criticism from all corners for his immigration policy, which caused separation of children from their parents.

Her spokesman claimed that the jacket had not been meant to convey a statement, and urged journalists not to read anything into it.

A Texas charity that helps border crossers says 32 parents separated from their children were freed yesterday after authorities withdrew criminal charges. But as of this Friday, only 500 immigrant children had been released from detention centers, where they lived under prison-like conditions, and reunited with their parents.

Benavides said she didn't know where the bus was going but "that's something we'll look into - what's going on and where are they taking these children".

  • Jon Douglas