Judge Tapes Defendant's Mouth Shut After He Wouldn't Stop Talking

An Ohio judge fed up with interruptions ordered a convicted robber's mouth to be taped shut in court on Tuesday. Williams reportedly even interrupted his own attorneys.

According to authorities, Williams cut his ankle bracelet and disappeared to Nebraska in the middle of his trial a year ago.

Williams ignores the threats and carries on speaking, which is when Judge Russo orders for him to be gagged. "More importantly when I was talking", said Judge Russo. In 2009, an Idaho judge ordered a defendant to be silenced using tape after outbursts, the Associated Press reported.

The two argue for awhile longer before the video cuts again and Russo threatens to gag Williams "in one second" if he has to.

Franklyn Williams was eventually sentenced to 24 years in prison. Shut your mouth, and I'll tell you when you can talk.

"Does the comment "quit talking" - do you understand that?" Deputies ended up wrapping red duct tape around his mouth.

Cleveland man Franklyn Williams, 32, was convicted of three armed robberies during his trial, but clearly still had more to say on the matter as Judge John Russo tried to speak, video from FOX8 shows.

Fox News said the judge, from Cuyahoga County, Ohio, had been determined to maintain decorum in his court. "But we can't do it at the same time or yelling over each other", he said.

Russo claimed his actions were legal, with a few cases supporting the notion. The Miami Herald noted the 1970 case IL v. Allen, where it was ruled that defendants do not have the right to be present at their trials.

After the incident, Williams spoke to reporters, and said he had a reason why he wouldn't be quiet. "I'm getting no justice, this is not a fair trial".

Here though, there were no attempts to remove Williams from the court and instead a gag was enforced. He was granted an appeal after a court found he was misinformed about when he would be eligible for release.

  • Jon Douglas