Fox News eulogizes Aretha Franklin with a photo of Patti LaBelle

"So just want to pass on my warmest best wishes and sympathies to her family". Her pulse told me that she was not in surrender mode.

He continued, more warmly: "She's brought joy to millions of lives and her extraordinary legacy will thrive and inspire many generations to come".

The space agency named the barreling space rock after the Grammy Award-winning artist to honour her career.

"I am deeply saddened about the passing of the Queen of Soul and my sister in song, Aretha Franklin", Patti wrote on Twitter. "Every singer was influenced in some way by the way she sang, and they will forever be influenced by her because of her voice, her emotion; her sincerity is unforgettable..." Beyond her constantly played classics, like "Respect" and "Say a Little Prayer", her oft-dismissed early Columbia output is great ('One Step Ahead' is a personal favourite), as is some of her stuff from the early to mid-1970s. "More than once, I've met a hero of mine, but nothing compared to getting to know Aretha Franklin - Ms. Franklin". I love this song so much because of the beginning.

Paul McCartney called Franklin an inspiration and "the Queen of our souls", while Diana Ross hailed her "wonderful golden spirit".

"And so the voices I remember most in my life would be Dr. King, her voice, and her father, Reverend Franklin".

The details of her homecoming were announced one day after Franklin passed away from advanced pancreatic cancer of the neuroendocrine type, which was first confirmed by her doctor and later on in the death certificate obtained by TMZ.

In a heartfelt tribute from the Obamas, the former president and his wife Michelle praised Franklin's "unmatched musicianship", which they said "helped define the American experience".

"She would just text me out of the blue and say, 'I saw something you did on CNN, and I'm so proud of you".

This statement was a far cry from the decades where the two women were pitted against each other. All Black people do not look alike.

In the case of Franklin, Trump was claiming "some type of bond" with the singer, Ritz said.

"Her great allegiance was to the Democratic Party", Ritz said.

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