MPCA issues air warning that affects south-central region

The air agency is warning even healthy adults to avoid walking or exercising outside in King and Pierce counties today.

In fact, as of Monday, August 20th, Metro Vancouver air pollution has risen to an unhealthy level.

MPCA says the smoke is expected to completely exit the state by 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

According to Environment Canada, local smoke levels will vary depending on wind direction and fire characteristics, but improvement is not expected until the weather changes significantly across the province.

Poor air quality will be common across parts of the Pacific Northwest this week as winds push smoke from surrounding wildfires into the region, forecasters and regulators said.

This Air Quality Alert will be updated again on Monday morning. "We now have an air quality reading of "Very Unhealthy/Purple". "If you live somewhere where the air quality's worse, like Puyallup or down by Kent, then the air quality index is a little worse and maybe you should limit your outdoor exposure".

Air across the region is considered very unhealthy for everyone, according to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

Henderson suggested using portable air cleaners indoors to keep the air as clean as possible during smoky conditions. The haze will worsen late Sunday and on Monday but sun should return on Tuesday.

A new mobile app from The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality allows you to have information about your area's air quality conditions at your fingertips.

Now, another index conveys just how risky the air quality is.

Children are vulnerable to illness because their lungs are developing and low-income earners are at risk because they're less likely to have well-sealed homes and air conditioning, Climate Central reported.

  • Delores Daniels